Birrificio Angelo Poretti

Birrificio Angelo Poretti, commonly known as Poretti, is a historic Italian brewery. Established in 1877 by Angelo Poretti in Valganna, it carries with it a legacy of brewing excellence. Angelo Poretti, a masterful brewer, skilfully blended traditional brewing techniques with innovative methods, resulting in the production of exceptional, top-notch beers.

A beer that rightfully earns its place on the dining table

Each beer Angelo Poretti crafted was assigned a number, representing the quantity of hop varieties used in the brewing process. This innovative approach birthed a distinctive collection of beers, carefully designed to be enjoyed alongside food, enhancing the culinary experience.

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The History of Birrificio Angelo Poretti

During 1877, Angelo Poretti, a passionate beer enthusiast, embarked on an exciting journey through Austria, Bavaria, and Bohemia to learn from Master Brewers. His mission was to find the finest quality hops and uncover the secrets to brewing the most delicious beers. After his travels, Angelo Poretti returned to his beloved Valganna in northern Italy, and began constructing a brewery at the base of the Campo Dei Fiori hills.

Worldwide recognition

In more recent years, Birrificio Angelo Poretti has emerged as a renowned brand both within Italy and beyond its borders. It proudly offers an extensive range of beers encompassing traditional Italian styles such as lagers, ales, and specialty brews. While preserving its brewing heritage, the company also embraces innovation to craft unique and flavoursome beers.


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The perfect food pairings for Birrificio Angelo Poretti

Its sparkling effervescence, distinct bitterness, and full-bodied sweetness, naturally complements a large range of food. The sweet Italian malt found in their beers serves as a perfect complement to savoury delights such as wood-fired pizza, arrabiata pasta, cheese like mozzarella bites and truffle burger and chips.