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Common Questions

Explore our most frequently asked questions to find quick answers to common enquiries about our menu, reservations, and dining experience.

Does you have allergy information?

Yes, please click here to view our allergen menu. 

Where can I find Nutritional Information

Our nutritional information can be found here

Can I pay with cash?

No, we do not accept cash.

There are several reasons behind our shift to a cashless environment. First and foremost, it allows us to enhance the overall efficiency and speed of our operations. By eliminating cash transactions, we can reduce transaction times, avoid the need for manual cash handling, and minimise the risk of errors.

Additionally, going cashless aligns with our commitment to prioritise the safety and security of our customers and staff. It helps reduce the risk of theft, eliminates the need for cash deposits and pickups, and minimizes the potential for cash related disputes.

Furthermore, the move to a cashless system enables us to embrace advancements in technology and payment methods, offering greater convenience and flexibility to our customers. With the rise of digital wallets, contactless payments, and mobile banking, going cashless allows us to cater to the evolving needs and preferences of our diverse customer base.

We understand that this change may not be ideal for everyone, and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please ensure you bring your card or form of contactless payment with you when you visit our restaurants.

How do I make a reservation at a Prezzo restaurant?

To make a reservation at a Prezzo restaurant, you can either phone the restaurant directly or you can make a reservation online through our website.

Please note, the amount of guests for a booking online will vary for different restaurants.

For large bookings, please book online like normal and this will be sent initially as an enquiry to the restaurant, who will then be in touch to confirm if they have availability. 

Please click here to view our Find & Book page.

What offers do you have?

Please click here to view our current internal offers available at Prezzo.

Where can I buy Prezzo gift cards?

If you are looking to purchase physical Prezzo Gift Cards they can be purchased from our Prezzo restaurants with a maximum value of £200.

Gift cards with a value of £20 can also be purchased at selected retail stores such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrison's, Boots, WHSmith. 

You can also purchase an e-gift voucher code from our website, which can be sent directly to the recipient via email. You can purchase an e-gift voucher by clicking here. Unfortunately, these cannot be purchased by anyone that does not have a UK address.

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